Two Grown on BET

 Logline: After moving to New York City, two twenty-somethings reluctantly face the realities of growing up.

Two Grown is loosely based on the lives of Alana and Jourdan, playing an aspiring singer and actor respectively, and living together in Harlem. Alana is a feisty Latina who steadfastly believes the rules don’t apply to her, whereas Jourdan is the more reserved and responsible of the two. However, she often finds herself getting lured into situations by Alana that she wouldn’t find herself in on her own. New York City itself is also a lead character in this series, as the story unfolds in its various locations and landmarks.

Throughout the series, Two Grown will debunk the stigma of 30. 30 is generally the societal barometer for success, or lack thereof. It turns out that life is not the linear sequence of events that we were taught it would be if we did everything “right.” Our college degrees did not equate to the rainbows, sunshine and engagement rings we were promised. And we’re still paying for them. But it’s okay.

We are two women of color who are incredibly proud of that fact. We’ll be addressing stereotypes and demonstrating the fact that there is no specific way to be Black, Latina or any other race for that matter. You don’t have to conform to hegemonic ideals of what your ethnic group “should” be in order to be a member of your own group.